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Few Lines Dedicated to Environment

“After a deep consideration we came to the conclusion that  dilution,separation filtration,adsorption,absorption,sedimentation,aeration,oxidation,

reduction,accumulation,evaporation etc, are not the ultimate solution for pollution presentation or control for which, the sustainable solution is adaption of cleaner production waste minimization, decentralization.Eco-friendly approach,Reuse,Refill, Repairer,Rejuvenate Recycle need based production come utilization and conservation of our resources for our future generation,whose contribution for sustainable environmental protection is urgent need for our nation as well as for entire the globe”

So please think about our Mother Nature the only living Planet, the wonderful planet “Earth” !! Thank You

Courtesy:Voice of Environment

About Us

The "Voice of Environment" was established officially on 22nd September 2014 and finally registered under society registration Act, XXI of 1860 which is National level organisation. Voice of Environment is Non-Governmental, Non Political Non Religious organisation and is dedicated to Nature and Human Welfare,.

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