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Initiative for Umanada Island (The Smallest River Island of World) Biodiversity Conservation by Voice of Environment

Voice of Environment (A Youth Environmental Organization) conducted cleanliness & plantation drive for an eco-friendly sustainable & plastic-free Umananda Island by generating a mass awareness to build the heritage site a clean & sustainable eco-friendly premise. Umananda temple is one of the highest visiting devotee’s destinations after Maa Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati & it is a challenge to generate awareness minimizing the number…

Wetland Biodiversity Day 2020 celebration At Deepor Beel, Guwahati by Voice of Environment

Voice of Environment (A Youth Environmental Organization) organized an event ‘Wetland Day for Biodiversity’ to commemorate this year’s World Wetlands Day 2020 on February 2, Sunday at one of the Ramsar Sites of ‘Wetlands of International Importance’ in Guwahati. Voice of Environment, hosted a day program in collaboration with the Environment & Forest Department, Assam,  Department of Environmental Science, Royal Global University, Guwahati, and Colours of North-Eastern India. The program commenced…

Achieving Agenda 2030 Needs Big Push to Scale-up Wetland Conservation, Wise-use & Restoration

Achieving Agenda 2030 Needs Big Push to Scale-up Wetland Conservation, Wise-use & Restoration Wetlands are pertinent for our wellbeing, inclusive economic growth & climate mitigation & adaptation. They are the biggest source of fresh water for our consumption, agriculture & maintaining our ground water table by naturally recharging & filtering it. They act as a natural water sink. They are…

Lessons in combating air pollution from Shanghai, China

Introduction  Shanghai is a cultural, business, and industry center of eastern China and due to the overpopulation in the city center, the region is battling severe air pollution issues. Pollution comes from a litany of sources, a major issue being vehicle emissions  and additionally, there is also pollution from the burning of coal. Air pollution has disastrous impacts and the…

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The "Voice of Environment" was established officially on 22nd September 2014 and finally registered under society registration Act, XXI of 1860 which is National level organisation. Voice of Environment is Non-Governmental, Non Political Non Religious organisation and is dedicated to Nature and Human Welfare,.

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