Aim & Objectives

Our Aim

  • To ensure better Health, sanitation for all citizen so that a meaningful and healthy life is ensured to every citizen.
  • To conserve biodiversity and natural resources at local, National & International regime.
  • To promote Research and Development in the field of Environmental Management for better future for all.
  • To encourage and promote Environmental studies in the country and spread awareness for Environmental conservation to the entire world.
  • To work for the rights of ‘Environment Degree Holders’ in school/colleges/public offices.
  • To publish burning stories on contemporary environmental & climate issues.
  • To promote documentary & short film over pertinent natural ecosystems.
  • To continue working on ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ which comprises an integrated applied approach to plastic mitigation apart from developing ecological etiquette & exploring an accessible common & potable alternate of plastic.
  • To create a healthy earth ecosystem with a healthy components in & around our habitat.

Our Objectives

Voice of Environment is working currently on Ecological & Climate Literacy which is our core of objectives to deal with Sustainable Development Goals 13 of Climate Action. The Organization will work for sustainable development in partnerships between Civil Organization (Local Community, NGOs, Academic Institutions, and Private Enterprises/Businesses) and Government Departments of Environment, Biodiversity, Ecology, Forestry, Health, Safety, Sanitation, Education, Science, Technology, Research & Development etc.

About Us

The "Voice of Environment" was established officially on 22nd September 2014 and finally registered under society registration Act, XXI of 1860 which is National level organisation. Voice of Environment is Non-Governmental, Non Political Non Religious organisation and is dedicated to Nature and Human Welfare,.

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