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 Voice of Environment 

(Organisation for Clean Green & Sustainable Environment) 

      Few lines dedicated to "Environment"

"After a deep consideration we came to the conclusion that  dilution,separation filtration,adsorption,absorption,sedimentation,aeration,oxidation,

reduction,accumulation,evaporation etc, are not the ultimate solution for pollution presentation or control for which, the sustainable solution is adaption of cleaner production waste minimization, decentralization.Eco-friendly approach,Reuse,Refill, Repairer,Rejuvenate Recycle need based production come utilization and conservation of our resources for our future generation,whose contribution for sustainable environmental protection is urgent need for our nation as well as for entire the globe" 

So please think about our Mother Nature the only living Planet, the wonderful planet "Earth" !! Thank You

Courtesy:Voice of Environment


  • To operate Environment, Health, Safety and Sanitation Awareness, Protection and Conservation Programmes/Campaigns.
  • To promote the Science and Technologies for Environment,Health,Safety and Sanitation etc.Through imparting Education and Research.
  • To protect and conservation of Wildlife and        Biodiversity.
  • To operate Research and Development for  Sustainable Development.
  • To study, analysis & disseminate Policies,   Programmes and Legislation affecting       Environment, Health,Safety and Sanitation etc.
  • To operate Plantation Programmes along  with protection and conservation of old  trees.
  • To conduct and carry on programme for  promoting awareness in the people  in connection with the movements for  afforestation, plantation and development  of waste land.
  • To aware the peoples about activities                which are damaging Environment and                Health.
  • To run projects related to Social-forestry, Agro-forestry, Rain Water Harvesting,  Waste Water Treatment & Management,  and Solid Waste Treatment & Management  etc.
  • To encourage and develop in its all aspects the  inventive and research facilities of students  and provide opportunities of research work in environmental sciences, Safety, Health, Sanitation and Energy Auditing and Management. 
  • To establish, construct and develop training centers and institutions for  the achievements and furtherance of the objects of the organization. 
  • To control Water pollution, Air Pollution, Land Pollution and Noise Pollution etc.
  • To file cases/complaints (PILs in Supreme/High  Court, IPC, RTI, Human Rights Commission,  Consumer Courts etc.) against persons /  organizations/ authorities etc. working against  Environment, Health, Safety and Sanitation etc.
  • To educate/aware people against various      diseases etc to improve the health of  peoples in both rural and urban areas.
  • To promote the rural development.
  • To promote the Scientific Education             and Research.
  • To work in the field of environment               protection and promotion since it has         direct bearing on the socio-economic and   health status.
  • To maintain, run and construct Training     Centers (Environment, Agriculture,     Health, Safety, Sanitation, Education and Research etc.) for the peoples.
  • To establish or give prizes/awards/‚Äčscholar  ships for excellence in the field of Environment,  Agriculture, Health, Safety, Sanitation,    Education and Research etc.
  •  To educate and provide aid to people to protect    the Human Rights.
  • To promote and work for child development         and women development.
  • To establish, manage, maintain and run          educational, vocational, management  and technical institutions anywhere in India.
  • To translate, print, publish, circulate and distribute appropriate material for distribution of useful knowledge through magazines, pamphlets or other printing mode for the promotion and advancements of the objectives of the Organization.
  • To subscribe or give donations, financially or otherwise, to such other societies, agencies, organizations or institutions who are working or involved in the activities which tend to support or advance the aims and objectives of the Organization.
  • To receive any grant, donations, fees, support, materials and assistance in any form for the furtherance of the objectives of the Organization.